3 strong brands

Goûters Magiques owns three brands with strong identities: Armor Délices, Le Ster Le Pâtissier and Whaou!. These brands each have their own story and universe, and offer a wide range of delicious pastries for children and adults.

Armor Délices

Exceptional pastries !

Armor Délices was born in 1989 in the small village of Saint Agathon in Brittany. Its history is directly linked to that of a region, Armor, literally "Close to the sea" in old breton language. The founders, Mr. and Mrs. Le Nevez, were initially dedicated to making the madeleine d’Armor, an iconic recipe which built the brand's reputation. 


Based on this success, and leveraging its authentic know-how, Armor Délices developed new recipes of traditional pure butter pastries and cookies. The recipes are a closely guarded secret.  


Today these pastries are recognized for their unique taste which expresses the richness, diversity and character of their legendary land. 

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Le Ster Le Pâtissier 

The pastry chef Le Ster, he is an expert !

It is in Locminé in Britany that Mr. Le Ster created in 1965 his pastry shop. He quickly became well known locally thanks to the « La Maillette », today known as the « finger madeleine ». 


In the 1970's, the range was extended to include as well pound cakes and yogurt cakes. In 1981 was born the crepe from Landerneau, a plain crepe which became a classic of breakfasts and snacks. New recipes were created in the following years including individual cakes and an organic range. 


In 2015 the brand celebrated 50 years of creativity and know-how and of delicious recipes for the whole family. 


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The most fun snack!

Passionate about crepes, Christian Faure created in 1988 the first crepe filled with strawberry in an individual wrapping. A concept is born: the Whaou! crepe.


The recipe and high quality fresh ingredients give a new dimension to the crepe and the concept is quickly a huge successs. Today Whaou! has 9 flavors of filled crepes: strawberry, chocolate, chocolate-hazelnut, chocolate - banana, chocolate - coconut, apple, double chocolate, chocolate & milk and sugar.


In 2004, Whaou! developed the Whaou! Cracky crepes, with a filling with chocolate and crunchy cereal balls.


In 2009, Whaou! launched new individual mini filled cakes and brownies and in 2016 generous muffins to offer different options of delicious and fun snacks.

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