The pillars of our actions

Goûters Magiques is committed to carrying out its activities while subscribing to a Sustainable Development approach. Our end goal is to ensure a contained and harmonious growth in partnership with all stakeholders in mutual respect.

Goûters Magiques and sustainable development

Support to our community and local development

We participate to the economic development of the territories where we are and support local associations through our partnerships policy. 

Respect of the environment

We try to reduce everyday our environmental impact. For the first time in 2015, we measured our carbon footprint and are working towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. 


We favor governance based on transparency and collegiality. 

Consumer relations

We are committed to an open dialogue with our consumers and aim to build durable relationships. 

Work conditions

We strive to guarantee the safety and health of our workforce, foster good work conditions and guarantee the respect of diversity. 

Fairness of commercial practices

We establish fair and balanced commercial relationships, based on communications and transparency.