Our local footprint

Goûters Magiques has 4 production sites and a logistics platform which produce and distribute our pastries in France and around the world. All of our production sites are IFS and BRC certified.

Armor Délices Production Site

Based in Saint-Agathon in Northern Brittany, the Armor Délices site is dedicated to pure butter traditional pastries.

Faure Production Site

Located in Plouédern in Northern Brittany, the Faure site is specialized in crêpes, plain and filled.

Gaillard Pâtissier Production Site

Based in Locminé in Southern Brittany, the Gaillard Pâtissier site makes individual cakes.

Le Ster Production Site

Also in Locminé in Southern Brittany, the Le Ster site bakes individual and loaf cakes.

The logistics platform

Inaugurated in 2014 in Southern Brittany, the logistics platform organizes the distribution of our pastries.